The support

The persons who advised, helped, welcomed me, offered their services, bore witness to their friendship, their kindness, their know-how, their experience, their patience:

> Laurent Bendel (web) has welcome me and transmitted what he knew of his experience as adventurer, accepting with kindness my endless stream of questions. He will have been a catalyser, right from our first encounters at the GS Days
> Anto Zékian (web) has welcomed me and transmitted what he knew of his experience as adventurer. Also met at the GS Days
> Jean-Pierre Goy (web), who has coached me during several offroad training days and whose advice has been precious, also regarding equipment
> Jean-Marc Rüttimann (web), whom I thanks for his generosity and his ability to dream. He has triggered in me the desire to explore travelling on motorcycle and to go further, which crystallised in my regularly going for race track training and off-road training also with Jacques Cornu (web), and for tours that took me always further away from home, up to Montenegro in ex-Yugoslavia
> Philippe Lamoureux, former racing bike tuner, with a charitable sensitivity and whose kindness and generosity have been unfailing
> Fred-Henri Schweger, who through his kindness and his readiness to help, has often allowed me to equip my bike with gadgets which, with my two left hands, I could not have fitted myself
> Eric Masset du Biest (web) has made me dream through his travel blogs; I met him also during the GS Days. After all these GS Days (web) are not bad!
> Yann Loosli (web), former colleague, wo advised me on the choice of CMS, as on other IT aspects of my life change
> Marc Mobré, (web) former neighbour who has offered various remote support
> Christine Pasquier and Paul Gaullier, who, by accepting to help me with my association, make it possible for me to organise myself in such a way to manage associative matters remotely and thus to be able to leave serenely
> Niels Bohr, who by accepting to become the next President of the association (web) gives me the chance to continue to support it as Executive Director
> Kari Bohr, founder of the association in 1999, who thus is an integral part of this project
> Danièle Rens, who supported me each time that I needed help to navigate between fears, cynicism, excesses, over enthusiasm and other hurdles

And many more who preferred to remain anonymous…top_arrow_icon