The details

You will have guessed, such an adventure is prepared long in advance. You will need a motorcycle made for this kind of sport – even if certain adventurers have left with bikes that leave one dumbfounded. Then one needs specialised rugged equipment tailored to exceptional conditions: reinforced suspensions and clutch, various protections etc.

The biker himself needs protecting equipment which he will keep on most of the time and should be useful by all weather conditions. He won’t be able to revert to his wardrobe and to select a different gear for each season and condition or riding style. He will have to take with him also a minimum of clothing to visit places, to rest and move around freely.

He will also need physical fitness. It is already on with me with 30km of cycling three times a week and a little bit of muscle building. The bike is basically heavy and it will be worse when fully loaded thus a good physical condition is important.

Then you will need to think of ultra-light camping material, of survival kits, of mecanical spare parts, of tools, of electronic and photographic equipment, of tyres! It is a total pain to drag a set of tyres for thousands of kilometers. So it is useful to organise places where sets of tyres can be sent in advance.

It will be important to learn to service one’s own bike. Learning russian is also useful since it is the shared language among the “Stans”.

The right maps will have to be found, if possible in digital format. It will have to be examined how they can be used with one’s GPS. Routes and legs of the journey will have to be prepared – which does not prevent improvisation and freedom but can serve as basis.

One will have to study in how far partners to the project can be found and their interest kindled as well as supporters.

The administrative aspects will have to be dealt with, for oneself and for the material, as well as the admin related to leaving one’s domicile. The financial aspect of things will also have to be dealt with in order to secure one’s existence. To make it short, a lot of Papierkrieg as the Germans call it, paperwork war. top_arrow_icon

More details in the following pages