The road

As a lover of adventure motorcycling and of travel, what is more natural than to take one’s bike and to hit the road when one wants to leave everything behind?

Three things are at the origin of my plan to ride along the Silk Road (there are several):

1.    it is one of the routes that does not require crossing any ocean, on can simply ride overland all the way
2.    this itinerary will lead me to Kyrgyzstan and India, eventually to Myanmar, countries where I plan to explore potentials for settling down
3.    Asia is my first great love.

Departure : May 2015 beginning
To follow this itinerary, a departure in spring would be ideal  in order to cross Turkey and Iran after the winter and before the Ramadan that starts on June 18th 2015 and to reach the Stans before the next winter. If the financial organisation of the journey delays the departure, I may have to travel West via South America in order to go with the good climate.

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