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the journey / the motorcycle around the world

To give oneself the journey of a lifetime, around the world, in several stages, starting with the Silk Road. The Asian leg of my voyage should stretch over 18 months. Ride till Kyrgyzstan to the west of China, then down to India. Althewhile speaking of riding down when some roads culminate as high as 4500 meters high…

After having toured in India for 6 months, I intend to visit Myanmar and return to Kyrgyzstan in order later to visit Mongolia and Kazakhstan.

More details under the menu The road / The itinerary. The rest of the round the world journey will be published later.


turning the page on existence in Europe

On this alone I feel I could write loads, on my attachment and on my disappointment. But if I only stop at the utilitarian aspect, I am simply weary of working hard just to earn a livelihood to pay bills. Among others, I have worked some 12 years in Geneva in the scene of Human Rights and Humanitarian action.

Once this 3 year project is over, it might be time for me to live off little in those countries where a modest income in European terms can mean living a comfortable life. It is also time to try out something else, to invent another paradigm.

Returning to Europe every year will be needed for to fundraising for my association dedicated to charitable activities and development projects.


renforcing the support given to the education of aboriginal children in India

The journey is also meant to reinforce the support my association already gives to the educational project dedicated to indian aboriginal children.

Besides this, the aim is also to develop the association’s activities locally and reinforce its focus on rural development activities, in order to be more directly and concretely  involved at the end of the chain.  More info under the submenu “The charitable approach”.



changing paradigm

Basically, I think we are not here to suffer – with all due respect to Judaeo-Christian guilt – but to enjoy life and be happy – even if the wishy-washyness of this last expression tends to irritate me. Thus having tested and lived to the full religious renunciation in my youth, then integration in european society together with career experiences, the time has come to shift priorities: first, in a tie, to enjoy myself and to make myself useful ; second, to see that existence articulates around the first two.


Thus, to conclude,
although I humbly recognise that I am not the first to embark on such an experiment – I hope to be able to suggest another model of existence. Seen my unusual career path – that can be discovered under the submenu “The person” – it could be worth minimal interest. Let’s see…