Mystical (im-)migration, giving the finger or pragmatical withdrawal? An ex hindu monk – having become Mr Ordinary, after marriage, divorce, various professions in various branches, the latest of which, Doctors without Borders (MSF) – Switzerland – reverts to his first teenage love: the journey to Asia, this time with 45 years experience, his lone adventurer motorcycle, his travel bag, his savings, his projects and his association dedicated to rural development.

In a world that is becoming isolationist and self-withdrawn, and of countries that close their access, hoping to stem migrational flows, I would like to open roads and contribute to the fluidity of exchanges and to understanding.

His motorcycle adventure is also a means of communication for the charitable and educational project, DISCOVER-THRU-ME, that will be launched on his departure and will be the heart of the journey. Check out the dedicated project.

This blog is organised both in static pages available by way of the top menu and in blog articles and photos.

Enjoy the reading / riding !  😉