“Please, draw me a sheep!…”

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The more I work on this FARISTAN project, the more it grows. The latest events to date are related to two sentences of my poster:
– exchange with other school children on the way
– foster cross-cultural bonding.
Following meetings and exchanges with actors in the field of education whom I met at the the UN in Geneva recently, I decided to use the book “The Little Prince” by Saint-Exupéry, which has been translated into 270 languages, (the second most translated book after the Bible) as a means of communication between the schools. Initially, contacts will be established with the UNESCO Chairs in Istanbul and in Tehran to introduce my idea and seek contacts with interested schools.

A project will be setup to frame and implement these exchanges between schoolchildren. These could be done graphically:  pupils would express themselves by making drawings inspired by the reading of the book. In a first phase, kids would communicate directly by exchanging their drawings. Photographed drawings could be circulated among schools. Subsequently, an exhibition of the best drawings could be made which would highlight the similarities and differences in the worldview of children across cultures. This action would also emphasize the educational power of reading. Since children are educated by grownups, the latter will also be encouraged to communicate and understand each other. This project could thus be setup in the framework of the Decade on the Rapprochement of Cultures (UNESCO, 2013-2022). This way, children would promote greater intercultural and inter-religious understanding among adults.

Collaborations with other NGOs will be considered.

Here’s how a bobo egocentric pilgrimage in search of solitary pleasure could become a formidable dreaming machine and build bridges across cultures. Just with a motorcycle, a book , ideas and other dreamer-actors.

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