The site is launched!

Posted By on Oct 4, 2013

Champagne_w1Done! The FARISTAN.gs website is born tonight on October 4th 2013 at 10.30 PM.

On Sunday June 23rd, in the middle of the night, after 2 weeks of intensive introspection, search and inner struggle, the decision was ripe: to turn the page on my existing way of life, to reconsider everything, to leave with my shoulder bag and my motorcycle, to find another paradigm, to come closer to the field. Since then, I was obsessive about exploring this newborn project, to rake through the web, sift information, to reflect, evaluate, to meet inspirers, question, re-examine, discuss, explore again, define… Three months later, the static pages of the website were born and the inaugural message of the blog published.

Of course, the main idea of the blog is to share experiences on the road. But as one friend rightly said, the hardest part is to leave. After that, each day will bring its own set of challenges. This is not just about a journey, the maturing and preparation process can also be of interest.

Champaign !


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