Trying out Mitas tyres

Posted By on Dec 5, 2013


Winter in the Alps. Need to ride every day. After having tried the Conti TKC 80 during several seasons I decided to change. On snow, the front wheel was skidding sideways and I often thought I was going to fall. Unfortunately for my machine, the Heidenau Scout 60 – although M+S – has a full strip in the middle, so I decided to go for the Mitac E07 from Czech Republic. They were not easy to get in Switzerland. Their profile is groovy. I did not encounter any snow so far to try them on. But the grip and cold and wet tarmac is not really convincing. Too early to check their mileage.

Update Feb 2nd.
I haven’t really encountered much snow so far – the worst being wet snow – and I have not used them offroad but only cold and wet conditions on tarmac. And it seems to me that the rubber and other components used do not give it much grip. I am frequently skidding even when careful at not leaning too much.

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