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Posted By on Feb 27, 2014

Help change these aboriginal kid’s lives ! You can now support FARISTAN FOR CHILDREN directly on my blog with Paypal. Any amount even modest, one time or regular, is welcome. Clic on the pic to access the page.

Funds go to my Government-recognised not-for-profit Swiss charity “Ushagram-Suisse”.


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Kechala tribal kids talking

Posted By on Feb 19, 2014

During my last visit to the development programme of tribal kids in Kechala, Orissa, India, I decided to improvise a recording session to show how these kids were able to express themselves in English.

Here is a selection of 7 of them.

Normally the three girls at the back belong to those who express themselves better but they preferred to let the younger boys have their way.

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DSC01303wAs agreed I benefitted from a training session at the workshop of the Chuard BMW dealership in Geneva. I was instructed by the chief mechanic, Jean-Marc. He was perfect: patient, kind and very clear. He gave me various tips which only experienced professionals know.
We did the complete 40 000 km service including motor oil and filter change, gear and transmission oil change, purging and replacing the brake fluid front and back, replacing the alternator belt, checking the valve adjustment, replacing the plugs, the air filter, the brake pads, checking the clutch, checking for errors on the computer and verifying various items.

While working I put him various questions like regarding the problem of running on poor octane and leaded fuel and got various tips about which I’ll tell you more later on.

Thanks to you Jean-Marc and the BMW Chuard Team! I feel overjoyed and greatly empowered with this experience!

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